Sistan and Baloochestan has important potentials in view of geology and mining. Now it has more than 283 mineral indexes which includes 185 metal indexes like cromite, copper, manganese iron, lead, zinc, gold, stannous, antimoin, and 45 non metal indexes like magnesite, talk, kaolin, chalk, garnet,…, and 53 constructing materials indexes such as granite, marble, traverten, marble,…. There are 32 active and semi active mines here. Important mineral deposit and 375000 tons of cromite 15 million tons of copper, 80000 tons of Antimoin, 38 million tons of granite.
After the approval of board of minister in 27. Aug.. 2002 and by effected tracings, the representative office of geology organization, the representative office of copper national company, and professional minearl laboratory were set up in the province, and more than 47 billion rials have been dedicated totally for discovering researches, and establishing copper and Antimoin production industry.
Geology project of chabahar sea in the realm of continental shelf is also under procession. In addition, all geological, geochemical, and geophysical studies have are fulfilled with association of foreign (Chinese and Canadian) companies in an area of 40000 km2.\


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