This province in one of the best place of fishing and fishery due to unique geographical situations and neighboring with vast realm of Oman Sea and Indian ocean with 10 fishing ports, and existence of Hamoon lake with harbors and fishing stands.
The activities include fishing, utilizing water resources, sea culturing in talented areas of coast line and local seas including fish producing in water resources of Baloochestan, developing multipurpose Beton pools, establishing in plants for propagating cool water and warm water fishes. The yearly amount of fishing is about 40 to 50 thousand tons which shows a good growth comparing with last years and one facility as creating job. The commercial fishing types are Shirmahi, Shoorideh, Sangsar, Ghobad, Kotar, Rashgo, Halva Sefid, Halva Siah, … industrial fishing includes: Hoodar, Gidar, Masqati, Neyze Mahi, Badban Mahi,…
General potentials of fishery industry area Shrimps, Lobsters, Ton fish, Mictofeed fish, mixed fish, shark fish. According to present statistics 9750 fishermen are working with 1755 boats in Chabahar, 1500 fishermen in Sistan and Baloochestan and other parts of the province 200 fishermen with 202 motor boats are busy fishing are Kapour Mahihaye Chini, Khajo, and cool water fishes and trout. Culturing shrimps is one potential of this province. As per studies, more than 21000 Hectors of Chabahar lands in 8 sites are talented for shrimp culturing, and the project of 4000 Hectares western Bahookalat River is in priority, which has been started since 1996. as a result, fishing shrimps has increased from 202 tons in 1999 to 355 tons in 2000.
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